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Free Repeats: *A Lifetime Commitment to YOUR Success
Any and all regularly scheduled, hands-on computer training course(s) may be repeated FREE for ONE YEAR (if the software release/version is the same; limit three times per year). From the start date of any scheduled course(s), registered students may retake refresher classes to brush up on their skills. *If version has changed or one year has transpired, students can repeat any newer version of that course, and pay only 50% of the retail price of the course(s). This offer is valid for as long as the student is a client of AACTT. All repeats are subject to availability.

Ensure Personalized Attention (Small Class Sizes)
AACTT's live publicly offered hands-on computer training courses average about six (6) to twelve (12) students to allow for personalized attention. We realize that employers don't allow for much time away from the office. That's why our hands-on classes are in 1 day formats. Live-Online, Custom, On-site, and Private Courses also available. Call 847-590-9500 or email info@aactt.com for more details, or to request a special quote.

Our commitment to quality, and our guarantee to our clients are both simple and unconditional: If for any reason you are dissatisfied with the content or delivery of any course, simply notify management by the first break of the course. Withdrawal from the course at this time, and in this manner, entitles the student to attend:
• the same course later with another instructor    or
• another course of equal value at no charge

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AACTT Computer Training has been a top Professional Training Center for 25 years.

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* Limit one class per person

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