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AACTT Computer Training has been a top Professional Training Center for 25 years.

  • Macintosh & Windows platforms 
  • Authorized Computer Training
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  • Free Repeat Classes & Free After-class Support
  • Hands-On approach/Small Class sizes

Free Repeats / Free Support

Any and all regularly scheduled, hands-on computer training course(s) may be repeated FREE for ONE YEAR (if the software release/version is the same; limit three times per year). From the start date of any scheduled course(s), registered students may retake refresher classes to brush up on their skills. If you have a question about something you're working on, and it relates to subject topics covered in your computer training course, simply: Send an e-mail to studentsupport@aactt.com, or Give us a call at 847-590-9500. We'll get you in touch with the right instructor who can answer your question as soon as possible. Response times may vary, but typically the same day. Email support has fastest turnaround for answers to your questions.

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  • Multiple course Formats to Fit Your Needs
  • Affordable prices
  • Short classes get you up & running quickly
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  • Improve personal and corporate productivity 
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