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AACTT was founded on the fundamental principle of providing excellence in computer education to the professional community, by delivering the highest quality and targeted expert training.

AACTT was founded in 1991, by Joseph S. Abbate, a state of Illinois certified educator with over 40 years of computer experience.  His innovative philosophy and approach to computer education result from years of practical, real-world experience as a certified computer trainer & consultant. AACTT's 25 years serving the professional community, has proven higher quality training, stability, and experience over our competitors.

Our Foundation

AACTT Computer Training is committed to providing its clients with specific solutions to maximize corporate and personal productivity. AACTT is uniquely qualified to provide educationally sound instruction due to its wealth of resources.

Our Committment

AACTT's objective is to assist people in getting the most out of their computer software. With this pledge, we are constantly upgrading our own abilities to keep abreast of the fast moving pace of software applications. We're convinced that application training is just as important as skills training. We understand proficiency in the use of software is only achieved with proper training from professional instructors.

Our Pledge

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