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"The Instructor took the time to explain everything in great detail." L.P.

"I liked the hands-on approach, and the ability to discuss participant's specific needs. The instructor did a great job with many types of people." S.C.

"The class was very informative. I didn't know much about the subject to begin with, and it was easy to understand through the in-class examples." T.V. 

"I liked the pace of the class. The content was well organized, and not directly read page by page from the take-home manual." C.H.

"I enjoyed the class interactions. I've never had a computer class that gave the ‘big picture' so clearly as this one. The instructor's examples were ‘lights on'." M.L.

"Although the class could have confused me, the instructor explained things to where I had no problem following along. He was excellent; I haven't had such a cool, fun and educational class since college!" M.N.

"We had an outstanding instructor at AACTT. I've been to several other computing courses, and he's the first instructor who was genuinely excited to teach, and it made the class wonderful!" L.R.

"The course I took at AACTT convinced me of the value of the software." M.D.

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