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We will train any of our public courses offered, and/or customize any course to fit your specific needs. We can also train on older versions of software you may still be using, as well as other courses we have offered in the past. It's preferred that your office have a training room or conference room available for on-site classes. Your IT department may contact us if they need assistance in the set-up and software installation of the classroom. For a price quote, or to schedule a company onsite, call 847-590-9500 or email info@aactt.com.

On-site Training

If your companies schedule just does not work with ours, we will reserve a special day for training here at AACTT, on any of our public courses offered, and/or customize any course to fit your specific needs, based on availability. Older versions of software may still be taught as well, and other courses we have offered in the past, such as Adobe FrameMaker and NetObjects Fusion. It's best to contact us at least two weeks prior to when you want the training. Call 847-590-9500 or email info@aactt.com for special price quote. Or try our Live-Online format! Take any course Live-OnLine and save!

Private/Customized Training

If you learn better in a 1-on-1 environment, we provide the personal attention you need. 1-on-1 training is also offered for any of our public classes at our facility, and private, customized, Live-Online or on-site training. Subject to availability. Call 847-590-9500 for quote.

1-on-1 Training


AACTT provides on-site, custom and private training to fit your specific needs. Call 847-590-9500 for details.

If our dates don't work for you, CONTACT US. We'll work out a schedule for any class, anywhere, anytime!

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