Rescheduling/Transfers, Cancellation Policies:

Flexibility to Fit Your Busy Schedules
If you have a schedule conflict, and need to reschedule a class or classes, you may do so without penalty, by the end of the current quarter. Please notify AACTT Computer Training at least 24 hours prior to original class time, that you'll need to reschedule. If you want to transfer to a different class, you may do so for any class less than or equal to the same price. If the class you want to transfer to is greater in price, you will have to pay the difference. If you need to transfer, please notify AACTT within five days before original class start date.

Just in Case... (Cancellations/Refunds)
If for any reason you need to cancel a class, you must notify AACTT within 5 days of the date you registered, and prior to the date of the class. In doing so, you may request a full refund. If notification of cancellation is after 5 days of the registration date, but prior to class date, you may request a refund, but we will deduct a $50 cancellation fee per person/per class/per day. There are no refunds once a class begins. There are no refunds for Corporate Coupon Books. All necessary refunds will be made within 30 days of receipt of notification of cancellation.